Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holidays & Such

So my sister kindly reminded me I have not posted anything of recent, I had to re-set my password today for failure to remember the original one. Christmas was awesome and mostly due to the fact our family was able to spend so much time together. Watching Noah Jacob Love walk around on his tippy toes, gabber at everything and smile in an instant made it all that much more special.

I had a friend ask me yesterday how his tip toe buddy was doing, apparenlty Johnny Smith has been telling everyone about Noah and how he walks on his tip toes. Honestly why not, it is too cute not to.

I am waiting for the month of March to get here for then Aunt Helen will be Missouri bound and I plan on playing with my nephew until we are both exhausted and then maybe even a bit longer.

Otherwise not much to catch you up on, our baby brother turns 30 next week and the very next day our mother turns 60. WOW time sure has passed us by but Mom looks great for her age, hard to believe she will be 60.

Have a great day and will try to write more soon.......

Saturday, November 29, 2008



A friend made a comment concerning Dorito's the other day and so I shared a great memory and Meg of course replied - BLOG IT....

Growing up in the Beard household a tradition formed between Angie and me which we cherised and celebrated every year on New Year's Eve for as long as I can remember. Each year we would collect our Pepsi or Dr. Pepper but mostly Pepsi and our bag of Dorito's and plant ourselves in front of the television to watch Dick Clark and to see the ball drop in Times Square.

It was a time honored tradition which I am certain we will ensure gets passed along to Noah, yes we let Larry Del join in the fun as he came along though I think the bond was more for Angie and me.

So if this New Year's Eve you are at home with your family and you are trying to decide what you should do - well think of the Beard Sister's and go on down to your local store. Grab you a big bag of Dorito's and some Pepsi or soda of your choice and plant yourself with a loved one in front of the television and watch the ball drop in Time's Square. When you are doing so don't be surprised if you don't get a tiny chill and feel as though some of the Dorito's are disappearing for it could be the Beard Sister's taking a few from you....

So don't wait till the last minute - you have 32 days to get stocked up!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Believe it or not I have taken a day off work, yes today is Monday and I am sitting on the couch working on getting ready to go finish or attempt to finish Christmas shopping! My sister of course is miles away and miles ahead of me on this task so the challenge become mine to complete before Thanksgiving and yesterday I made some headway.

Jake is sitting outside in a pile of leaves, one day I will upload the photo and post, he certainly loves his new backyard - one he knows he never has to share with cats or dogs.

Excitement is coming to Texas next month, yes the Love's will arrive which means Noah Jacob Love will make his first visit to Texas! Can you tell I love this little guy?! I cannot beleive he is almost eleven months old and is already up on his feet and walking - WOW......

Well no more to say at the moment, sure there is more to say however as noted earlier I must prepare to shop and if you know me well you know this is not a favorite pasttime yet since it involves gifts for others it is not quite so taxing on me....

Have a great week!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November is here and finally I believe fall weather is trying to reach us here in Texas. The mornings are cool but we are still warm in the afternoon, not that I mind and am hoping we have beautiful weather at Christmas for it will be fun going to a park with Noah Jacob Love!

Guess I will have to let his parent's tag along - just no escaping them with my handsome little nephew.

Angie sent an e-mail earlier this week allowing a sneak peak at the newest photos taken by Liz and I have to say everytime I see a new photo of Noah my heart melts, he has the cutest little smile and those eyes.....

Come on December 23rd!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ventured to the Ren Fest this weekend outside of Plantersville, have heard about it for years but have always found an excuse for not going.

This year I braved it and so out I went on opening day.

As I pulled into the parking spot (grass) and called the friends I was meeting I peered around to see nothing but people in costume. Not sure if they were are a part of the activities or just people showing up to check it out I kept to myself. Lucky for me some normal looking people were also here for the first time and as confused as I on how to find the ticket gate. We overheard someone asking and followed the crowd.

Lets say if you can survive the parking lot and walking to the gate you can survive what awaits you inside for it is not much worse.

Enjoyed every minute of it, laughed with friends/watched some shows/watched some freaks (sorry) and saw amazing fireworks at the end of the day.

Getting out fo my truck after driving home I could barely walk but after some juice and sleep I was great today.

So my thought is this, even when you think you have seen all there is or if you fear what lies ahead just push forward and let yourself venture out of the comfort zone now and again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Sister

Today I took time to catch up on reading my little sister's blog page, she has such an amazing talent for writing and so I read. I smiled, I had a few tears develop and most of all I felt connected to her through her writing.

Sadly due to distance from her home to mine the visits are not frequent however there are the weekly phone calls and occasional e-mails back and forth but she is always in my heart.

This first entry is to my sister Angie to let her know though comments may not always be made her blog is read not only by me but also a friend of ours. Shame on neither of us for letting her know of such so today I am, right here/right now.

Love you Sis!!